Mercedes Benz Australia recently announced the release of a 2017 Merc G-PRO, a single-cab Gelandewagen built for hardcore off-road use. The G-PRO boasts some pretty impressive specifications, along with a number of accessories that are to be fitted as standard equipment – snorkel, dual-battery system, all-terrain tyres and a front after-market bulbar, to name a few.

Naturally, the big debate is: Will the G-PRO dethrone the Land Cruiser 79 Series? Well, we thought we’d let you decide by comparing a few pix and basic specifications.

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G-PRO's load bay area

With its reinforced chassis and suspension, the G-PRO is said to have a payload capacity of 2 085 kg!

Land Cruiser 79 SC pick up from the rear

By comparison, the Land Cruiser 79 SC features a payload capacity of 1 060 kg.

G-Wagen versus Land Cruiser pick up

The Merc’s 3.0-litre V6 turbo-diesel engine pushes out 135kW and 400Nm. It also boasts an approach, departure and ramp angle of 38, 35 and 22 degrees respectively.

Land Cruiser V8 diesel

The Cruiser’s 4.5-litre V8 turbo diesel engine churns out an impressive 151kW and 430Nm. While its approach and departure angles stand at 33 and 27 degrees respectively.

G-Wagen lockers

Both vehicles sport lockers front and rear.

Land Cruiser ground clearance

The Cruiser’s ground clearance measurement touches on 235mm.

G-PRO ground clearance specifications

While the G-PRO legs an impressive 245mm.

Gelandewagen interior and cabin

The Gelandewagen’s cabin is surprisingly stylish for such a utilitarian design.


Land Cruiser cabin interior

The Cruiser boasts a few more nice-to-have cabin accessories.


Of course, specifications aren’t the only reason to buy a vehicle. Ultimately, G-Wagen fanatics will probably flood the dealer’s floor, and Cruiser fans will stay devoted to their brand. We suspect the G-PRO’s price tag will also be something to marvel at, and it will be interesting to see if Merc South Africa chooses to launch the vehicle here – given their new-found interest in the pick-up segment.

Either way, whether you’re in OZ or SA, very little intimidates the Cruiser crown, especially when its powered by a V8 turbo diesel… what an engine!


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