National Luna 6o-litre fridge freezer

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It’s an age-old debate: do you buy a specialist tool that performs a specific task really well, or do you opt for a multifunctional tool that tackles the job reasonably well, but saves you the trouble of carrying more than one tool?

You may find yourself in a similar situation when purchasing your first 12V camping fridge freezer, and having to decide between a dual compartment, or a dedicated single bin. Naturally, like most camping decisions, it’s often a question of space… although there are some performance factors to consider, too.

National Luna’s two new fridges provide an example: the 55-litre sports a single-bin layout, while the 60-litre boasts a dual-control double bin. Both fridges feature the same external dimensions, 750 x 425 x 535 mm; but in terms of capacity, the 55-litre is manufactured with 60 mm insulation all-round, while the 60-litre uses 42 mm around the fridge compartment, and 60 mm around the freezer side.

So, how does this affect your decision?

Power consumption is determined by several factors (compressor performance, conductivity and electronic design), but the efficiency factor often comes down to insulation. Although National Luna’s new 60-litre is the most powerful fridge freezer combination on the market, this impressive unit cannot match the specialist performance of the dedicated single bin.

Thanks to its generous 60 mm insulation all-round, the 55-litre cools faster, stays colder for longer, and uses less power. The downside is that the 55-litre can be used as a dedicated fridge only, or, as a dedicated freezer only. In comparison, the 60-litre fridge freezer fulfils both of these roles in one package; and, because of its dual controls and high performance compressor, both compartments can be set to the same temperature to be used either as a fridge, or as a freezer. In other words, the fridge section is able to cool right down to ‑12Cº if need be.

Because space isn’t a problem, many off-road trailer and caravan owners prefer to travel with two single-bin units: one is kept in the vehicle as a dedicated fridge, and the other is mounted in the trailer as a dedicated freezer. Professional tour operators who cater for their clients and require a dedicated and large-capacity freezer often do the same.


Fridge freezer

The 55-litre single bin makes a great dedicated fridge or freezer. Plus, with the ability to hold 96 cans (four cases), it’s the ultimate beer fridge!


The duration of your camping trips will also play a role. If you typically camp over long weekends, usually for not more than four or five nights, then there’s a chance you may not need a freezer section at all, and a single-bin 55-litre will serve you well.

However, the great thing about the double-bin 60-litre is that it offers the ultimate in versatility, providing the option of twin fridge, or twin freezer, or fridge + freezer. The choice is yours!





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